Productivity Coach
We develop and maintain an effective, customized strategy to help employees become better organized at their job.  Our solution is a simple, systematic and logical approach while simultaneously keeping personalities, environment and work styles in mind. We work with you to determine what your goals are, problem areas and develop solutions that will stay with you for good! We will evaluate your current situation, break down the tasks into manageable steps, clean up the clutter and help you work more efficiently which will ultimately increase your productivity.

Event Planning
STOP taking up your valuable time planning company events, fund raisers and organization retreats!  START using someone who saves your valuable time by making company events happen perfectly and professionally in no time! Our experience ranges from non-profit fund raising events to golf tournaments for all types of corporations and organizations.  We have expertise in working with volunteer committees of all sizes.

Customer Service
Regardless of the size of your business, or the product or service you provide, the elements of true customer service are critical to your success.  Details Business Organizers will analyze your business and how you present it to your customer, make suggestions for improvement and help implement the keys to your success.  Find out first hand what really goes on from a customer’s perspective by having your business secret -shopped!  A Customer Service Seminar can then be presented to your employees that are custom made to the challenges we experienced as we shopped.

“…able to help our company define our goals and help our staff implement a smoother flow of duties and responsibilities.
They also helped us learn better delegating skills in order to ease our workload."
Deborah McNaughton Owner, Legacy Financial Service